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Print + event branding collateral for telecom


TSDSI  is an Indian telecom industry that develops standards for access, back-haul, and infrastructure systems, solutions and services that best meet India specific Telecom/ICT needs, based on research and innovation in India.

Our studio has enabled TSDSI to solidify its identity as a standardization society through consistent visual language in their collateral. In 2016, TSDSI was chosen to host the GSC20 summit. The summit is held in different countries each year, and we got to work on the India issue. Seeing as the summit would call for high level personnel from numerous different countries around the world, the challenge here was to maintain the same international standard as preceding years. To our delight we were told we “exceeded that standard”.

For the event, we needed to generate a new logo. Our task was to capture the essence of India along with that of modern telecom. For the event, the branding needed to showcase progressive telecom with a background of the city of Delhi as the host. Thanks to our extensive experience with event branding and collateral, it was a guarantee that no detail will be missed, and the event will see the light of truly global standards.

untitled-project_2x (6).png

We have also produced plenty of print collateral for TSDSI itself.

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