that Nupur tucked her two kids in bed and stepped out to nurture her third one:


it was in

What happens when a bunch of transport planners, architects, and other technical professionals with an undeniable flair for design come together?

Good (sense + design)

What we have: good sense. What we give: good design.
Regardless of the domain, we make it a point to first dive into the depth of the matter so our good design makes good sense. We don't know any other way.

See for yourself

Iterations no bar

When we promise to deliver design, the design is for you, and we recognise that. We will make changes till both you and we are happy with what we have. We don't believe in limiting number of changes, and hopefully there won't be too many to begin with!

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave

Work with us once, we'll have you in our network of professionals  forever. In the future when the time comes, this network is our go to pool of people.  See the people!

Till death do us part

We are in this with you for the long haul. 
Some of our clients have been with us for as long as 15 years, and the few that left to find a different path have inevitably boomeranged back to us. 
All our clients

Deadlines or dead lines

Our deadlines are truly our finishing lines. Yes we know it would be all but natural for us to claim so, but we are only claiming so because it is true. When we make a promise, we stick by it.

The ones with the vision


Meet the people

Nupur Dube

An alumna of the prestigious School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, Nupur is a transport planner by academic qualification. She, however, found her calling in the creative realm and formally set up visionVIBES in 2002. A self-taught design professional, Nupur is able to bring a lot of fresh insights into her work. Her technical education gives her a rare edge wherein she has a clear understanding of the subject matter for which the studio undertakes design.

- lives in conspicuous time zones

- drinks tea for water

- thinks she's the boss

Tabish Ahmed

Tabish is a graphic designer who has a wealth of experience in printing, having extensively worked in various printing presses before. He has a very professional and friendly attitude, which makes him easily likeable. 

- sometimes recites poetry to clients on the phone

- to be honest, they ask for it
- no, seriously

Anup Kashyap

His eccentric and effervescent personality is hard to miss. Belonging originally from Benaras, he now graces our Delhi office. Whether it is finance or how to live grandly, he provides us with his expertise in keeping our accounts and lives in check.

- loves dealing with the green fairy
- likes to travel

Anmol Chaudhary

A recent graduate from SPA Delhi, Anmol has now embarked on his design journey as a Master’s student at NID. He likes to walk aimlessly for many kilometres listening to his Spotify playlists, only to stop and sketch. He often introduces himself as “a(pun) Mumbai ka chhokra”; being punny is second nature to him.

- doesn’t leave the house without his sketchbook
- once called the cab driver and said, “have you booked my Uber?”
- contact him for hair care tips

Anupam Vibhuti

Also an alumnus of the School of Planning and Architecture, a true creative professional; he has truly mastered the art of design thinking. He is among the rare breed of professionals with both science and intuition on an even radar. He has been recognized for his path-breaking innovations and intelligent interventions in the transportation sector by both the government and the industry. His sensibilities range from designing a lamp to a whole new transportation system!

- doesn't breathe, only design thinks
- will not respond to his own name

Yasir Syed

Quiet and reticent, Yasir has been a student at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Hailing from the stark landscapes of Ladakh, his design sensibilities reflect the crispness of his homeland. He likes to work in detail and spends time on getting the perfect balance in his design delivery until he’s satisfied. Also being a guitarist with an award-winning band, he gets invited to gigs and music fests all over India. 

- plays the guitar
- once brought anda and amrood for lunch

DSCF2790 (2).JPG

A B.Arch graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia, Deepesh is a musician, dreamer, architect, urbanist, and design instructor––he is many avatars rolled into one. His multifaceted personality brings vibrancy to the team. 
Always open to learning new stuff, and also sharing his own tricks with the team, he is the go-to guy for all random things!

- always interested in food-related plans
- beats the drums (read: office tables)

Sandeep Negi

Hailing from the Northern Lands and terra firma of holy pilgrimage, Kedarnath, Sandeep has embraced the bustling southern coastline and now works at our Chennai branch as a Full Stack Developer with rich experience in web and mobile development. A PhD in Computer Application, Sandeep loves hunting for fascinating news and tittle-tattle.

- online surfer
- likes to cook when doesn't code

Jaswant Singh

Caring and never flustered, Jaswant has been running the office with the smoothness of 007. No matter how big or small the job is, Jaswant is our go-to guy.

- sneaky wisecracks
- you'd think he reads minds
- ultimate Man Friday

Prabhat Kumar

His strong personality makes him unique. He helps manage our accounts. Catch him at our office on a Wednesday.

- has all the world affairs on his tips

- loves samosas

Anupriya Aggarwal

Recently graduated from SPA Delhi, Anupriya has the soul of an old English poet who loves to romanticise cities. She tends to spend hours experimenting with colour combinations and choosing the right font. Her favourite spaces are bookstores, and she dreams to open one of hers someday.

- tote bag and true crime enthusiast
- could have idlis for the rest of her life
- always down for a game of Scrabble


Nishita Mohta.jpg

Nishita Mohta

Graphic Designer,
Travel Curator

Mukul Menon.jpg

Mukul Menon

Filmmaker, Musician,
Content Writer

Abhijeet Kumar.jpeg

Abhijeet Kumar
3D Visualizer, Architect

Tushar Verma.jpeg

Tushar Verma

Illustrator, Architect, Biker


Aadya Vibhuti

Graphic designer, Illustrator

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-04 at 8.13.21 PM.jpeg


Architect, 3D Visualizer