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An Affair with Embroidery

A trip to Pondicherry led us to a hidden heritage villa in the by lanes of White Town. The property unravelled itself slowly as we spent more time there. We were lucky to spot original Mangalore tiles from the 18th century! And a tiny inscription in the ornate relief work marked 1774 - possibly the year of completion. A little more meandering and we come across a well and original workmen outhouses. We also got to see service bowls and trays possibly 200 years old.

The inscription that speaks of the legacy of the place that now houses the charming Cluny Embroidery Centre.

And within this quaint premises is a lovely space filled with beauty and hope. This is a sanctuary for women battered and despondent. It's here these women find cheer in each other's company creating beautiful pieces of art with silk threads and fine needles.

The front yard of the heritage villa exuding all the creative energy of the art born from here.

A place producing such beautiful work did not have a matching identity. They had a business card not doing justice at all to the name it carried. And like any other design professional, therein started flowing our creative juices.

Back in Delhi we designed a set of business cards using embroidery that we lifted from their own work. We sent them a set of cards and then we sent them again, and then some more. A pleasantly surprised Sist. Augusta, the manager of the centre, wrote us a beautiful letter thanking us for the gesture.

The small joys of life are the most rewarding!


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