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Print + branding + event collateral

Nagpur Metro

Working with a transport infrastructure company was an absolute delight for a team detail such as ours. It gave us the opportunity to straddle both domains that we love: urban planning and communication design. Our sheer understanding of their domain made it extremely smooth for the client to convey their thoughts and for it to be received by us with complete understanding. We also,were able to assist with technical content, provide constructive advice and newer ideas.

Our studio has a close partnership with Maharashtra Metro, parent body of Nagpur Metro. Over the years, we have assisted them with branding of specific projects, showing project features through a host of collateral like flyers, brochures, coffee table books, calenders, etc.


untitled-project_2x (2).png

First impressions matter

the metro inauguration

For the metro inauguration in March 2019 by our PM Narendra Modi, we worked in close contact with Nagpur metro. Our task was to do complete branding for the event including invitations and backdrops. Because it was a high level event with approvals coming straight from the PMO, details were critical.

untitled-project_2x (3).png

Nagpur metro inauguration invites that were sent out to numerous high level persons including our PM.


Backdrop created for the  Nagpur metro inauguration ceremony.


Everyone has a spirit animal!

Nagpur Metro Mascot

Nagpur is famous for its tigers, it represents it best. Whats better? A tigress - which is exactly what we went for. The metro line wished to convey itself as powerful, yet caring. The imagery of a tigress and her cub captures that essence best.


For the ladies, by the ladies

Nagpur metro ladies' coach

The Ladies Coach was tried to be given a fresh and welcome appeal. The concept is in keeping with the public onwership sentiment of Mazhi Metro. It seeks to represent every category of woman who will use the metro. Old or young, homebased or student or working, modern or traditional, single or married, resilient or vivacious, you or me - there's a bit of every woman there! Whats more? This project was lead by a team comprising only of women.

Naari Shakti Coach_Draft4_Page_4.png
Naari Shakti Coach_Draft4_Page_6.png
Naari Shakti Coach_Draft4_Page_3.png
Naari Shakti Coach_Draft4_Page_8.png

Nagpur metro ladies' coach

Skin colour


Naari Shakti Coach_Draft4_Page_2.png
Naari Shakti Coach_Draft4_Page_7.png
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